Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Interior panoramic of Artist's Home

360 panoramic photography conveys space in a completely different way to standard lens photography especially when using the images in combination with a 360 player. It allows the user to explore the space in a less prescriptive manner and focus on their personal interest within the interior.

360 photography puts everything on display! (- or rather appears to do so). Few blemishes can be hidden by framing the shot. This is part of the beauty of panoramic photography - a much richer environment where 'views' are seen in context and the user is allowed to immerse themselves in the environment. If you dont see the 360 player please rollover the blank white space below.

The two panoramic photographs where shot for interior design site They feature the home of an English sculptress. The level of detail in the kitchen just lends itself to exploration. All the tins and knick knacks and quirky items are just screaming out for discovery.

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