Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Panoramic Photography for Micro-stock

Panoramic photography tend not to do well on micro-stock sites. As they are often very wide they display poorly as a thumbnails and can be difficult to utilise in print and web that adheres to conventional dimensions. A traditional panoramic image will appear like a slim banner in most page layouts.

panoramic photograph of farm in Denmark
Section of 360 panoramic image
Micro-stock photography is all about mass-utilisation, successful panoramic images will have to adapt to the market. Either by playing to its strength as a slim banner or by not being 'very panoramic'

Panoramic images can be square
Very appealing and striking images can be made by using different projections when stitching panoramas. Some effects may be too extreme but used creatively they can enhance the message the image conveys.

panoramic image wrapped as small planet
The farm is a small universe
Think about the projection sometimes referred to as 'little planet'. It immediately conjures up ideas of self-containment. The subject becomes a universe in its own right. A panoramic of a farm is no longer just 'the farm' but the farm as a small self-contained universe.

panoramic image of garden and farm
Panoramic wide angle view of building and garden
But there are plenty of other creative possibilities creating extreme wide angle views in a 3:4 / 2:3 format and the possibility of making very high resolution photographs with smaller SLRs.

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