Thursday, 10 November 2011

Panoramic photography, Level it up

Two axis bubble hot-shoe spirit level ideal for panoramic photography
Panoramic photography relies on precision. Creating great panoramic images with the least amount of effort requires that all equipment is level. A spirit level on your pan-head is essential but a two axis bubble level on your hot-shoe ensures the camera is mounted correctly vertically on the pan-head. Spinning the camera 360 degrees on the horizontal axis will reveal any lack in precision in your set up. But only if your spirit level is accurate!

Its amazing how many cheap and poor quality hot-shoe levels that are out there. What's the point of an inaccurate spirit level? Well, there is no point, its a waste of time, money and effort using a hot-shoe level that isn't accurate.

panoramic photography, artist Michael and Anna Anchers house in Denmark, Skagen
Panoramic image of Historic Anchers House in Skagen in Denmark

I Love my Manfrotto two axis bubble level
Manfrotto produce quality equipment and their spirit level is no exception. The Manfrotto two axis bubble level is precise and fits snugly on the hot-shoe. The Manfrotto level is 5-10 times more expensive than the cheapest on the market and look deceptively similar, but it has one major advantage - it is accurate!

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