Thursday, 3 November 2011

Panoramic Pan-head, Nodal-Ninja

Panoramic photography and 360 degree images were never easier to create, with the wealth of panoramic pan-heads and dedicated software now available.
panoramic photograph of garden 360 view
Many cameras have build in panorama facility with 360 stitching on the fly but for the serious panoramic photographer a quality panoramic pan-head is a must.

I love my Nodal Ninja
The Nodal Ninja range offer super quality and accuracy for its relatively low price tag. It is sturdy and easy to use even with a large professional SLR.Panoramic pan-head, Nodal Ninja
You will soon realise that accuracy is the mantra, when creating successful large scale panoramic images. A sloppy approach to recording image sequences will see you spend hours lining up images and retouching bad stitching. This is where a quality panoramic pan-head enters the picture.
A good pan-head:
  1. allows you to accurately align the rotation of your camera to its optical centre
  2. provides easy to use, accurately spaced and adjustable rotation increments
  3. is sturdy even with a large SLR mounted and does not start to wobble in a breeze
There is nothing worse than having your efforts spoilt by a badly designed  panoramic pan-head. I often use bracketed exposures, recording each image three times, so the final panorama is made up from over 100 images. This demands a panoramic pan-head that is easy to use and that you can trust.
One bad image can ruin a whole panorama! Or have you tearing your hair out in frustration spending hours in Photoshop.

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